Shock Absorber Repair and Overhaul

As agents and distributors in Spain for KONI dampers, we offer our customers the service repair and overhaul of dampers for rail.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals, conducting regular training courses at KONI factory; this and the equipment of our three workshops allow us to give our customers the same quality finishes and KONI’s factory warranty.

Kits and Cutting for Shock Absorbers

We supply maintenance kits Koni dampers including components required replacement during maintenance, and any other components (pistons, rods, silent blocks, guides) for further intervention when required.



Maintenance and Repair of Buffers

We are currently working with KONI as support to our customers buffers. From our workshops from 2010 we are intervening in the overhaul and repair of the buffers.

Training Courses

We collaborate with our customers in training their workers in the servicing and repair of KONI’s shock dampers as well as advice on the set up of the repair facility.



Mechanized and Ground


Contact Us

  • Tel: +34 938 764 987 / +34 631 315 486
  • C/ Fornal, 36 Nave 2. Polig. Ind. Can Comelles.
    08292 Esparreguera (Barcelona), España

What we do

We are the agents for Spain:

  • FLAIG + HOMMEL Tecnología de fijación, Tuercas de seguridad y Mecanizados.

  • KONI shock absorbers for rail

  • MINER buffer springs, gear springs, shock absorber bumpers, bumpers, swing brake rods, covering panels, gates and unloading systems.

  • MINILAMPE Soluciones para la Iluminación y Señalizacion para los sectores Ferroviario ( Material rodante, Infraestructuras ). Aeronautica ( Militar y Civil ), Industrial ( Sanitario, energético, … ), Náutica Civil y Militar , Arquitectura & Patrimonio Cultural Y Terciario. Lamparas de Tecnologia Incandescente, halógena , de Descarga y LED.

  • We commercialize Test benches for checking rail dampers.

Cooperative work with the various railway companies to create buffers maintenance workshops, continuing training of their workers and expertise in the repair and maintenance of KONI dampers.

We have a workshop specialized in the repair of dampers and buffers staff.

Who we are

Rail-Equip is specialized in the railway sector has a professional team of long experience in the railway sector company, its customers being all railway builders and maintainers railway companies operating in Spain.