Performance dampers

Allows the following application:

  • Primary Vertical
  • Secondary Vertical
  • Secondary Horizontal

Shock absorber design principle which allows for repair or replacement by new shocks based on the philosophy of client work.


KONI shock absorbers of the Line Performance function according to a two-way flow of oil through the piston. Are constructed so that the forces during extension and compression stroke are symmetrical.

During the extension stroke damping is produced by a valve below the piston while during the compression stroke is the valve at the top of the piston that creates the desired damping forces.

The absorbers are provided with a blow-off at high speed of the shock. This blow-off limits the maximum forces created by rail extreme conditions.

This feature results in greater passenger comfort and protects both the absorber and as if the car stands against excessive forces.


The shock absorbers are equipped with the following special features for the railroad:

  • Robust construction with long service life.
  • Symmetrical forces in extension and compression.
  • Range of linear force to a blow-off point defined freely.
  • Construction repaired or sealed by request.
  • Synthetic rings around the piston and the guide provide the absence of any metal-metal contact.
  • Silentblocs high quality.
  • Valve system anti-noise.
Performance dampers